Outside Workshop Backyard You are Sleeping My Story


Dreams are essential for the human soul.

3 years

My three-year plan is to be married and have my own house. My pet pig, bird, cat and dog would live in house. I would have one facility for my job, and would be making 100,000 dollars a year.

15 years

My 15-year plan is to have my house to be used for the Lord's work. My wife and I would host events for the church, and throw some great parties. We would adopt and foster many kids, and have a few of our own. We'd be able to go on a couple vacations through the year. My Company would have 100 facilities through the nation, and we would be on the brink of opening up internationally.

50 years

In 50 years I will be 75. I would hope to be still alive blessing people around me with God's love. I would be a multi-millionaire and on the brink of one billion but never reach because I would give it away before I reach the triple comma club.